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The Womanese 101 Collection

Donovan's flagship course, Womanese!
Translate what she says vs. what she means. 

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Volumes 1-5 Video or Audio Collections

Womanese 1-5 Video

Volumes 1-5 Video Course

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Womanese 1-5 Audio

Volumes 1-5 Audio Course

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Printed Books & Stickers

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The 49 Laws of Sharpe

Your Masculine Renaissance Starts Now

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Other Available Courses

How to Master The Game (Video Edition)

Over 25 hours of game knowledge is packed into this course! If you’re looking to take your game with women to the next level, this course will definitely get you there. Get the Audio Edition Here.

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How to Build a Quality Woman From the Ground Up

7 hours audio course of actionable guidance on how to build a female brick by brick into the woman you want and need. Based on my personal experience.

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The Ultimate Shit Test Guide

The Shit Test Guide contains over 100 of the most common tests women throw in your direction in any and all situations. 

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The Masculine Excellence Lifestyle Kit

This kit contains over 50 hours of video and audio content from the legends of this community. 

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The Ultimate Gold Diggers Guide

The Gold Digger Guide covers over 40 of the most common questions gold diggers ask when trying to gauge whether or not they’re going to use you financially.

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