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How To Build A Quality Woman From The Ground Up


Over 7 hours of real world, actionable guidance on how to build a female brick by brick into the woman you want and need.

PART ONE – Vetting: How to screen out sluts, time wasters, gold diggers and cheaters

There are many beautiful women out there. But because Men haven’t been given the proper tools to figure out which ones to immediately discard for a potential long term relationships, a lot of us go through a shitload of heart break, frustration, and lose money, time, and sometimes our sanity because we’ve chosen the wrong woman.

Part one of my course will teach you how to thoroughly vet women for a potential relationship. You’ll also learn how to tell she might be a quality woman based on a few simple traits she may have or doesn’t have, and the most important abilities a woman of quality has to have in order to be a potential candidate for a long term relationship with a Man like you.

PART TWO – Training: How to make her willingly submit through training, rewards, and punishment 

Today’s women are as misbehaved as they’ve ever been in history. The reason for this is that they have no respect for Male authority. And who can blame them? Men have shown a gross ineptitude in dealing with their nonsense and the way laws are written these days all but encourages them to be as horrible as they can be.

In part two you will learn how to start the training process to lay the groundwork for her to respect you and your authority. You’ll learn when and how to raise your voice when necessary, call her out on out on promiscuous tendencies and much more. You will also learn how to punish your woman when she steps out of line, and when to reward her when she does right by you.

PART THREE – Boundaries and Expectations: Setting and enforcing boundaries and expectations with your woman

It’s one thing to have boundaries. It’s quite another to enforce them and this is what separates the Men who have the respect and adoration of their women, and those who do not.

Part three will teach you why it’s important to set boundaries, why one size doesn’t fit all, and the two main ways you set them. You will also learn about setting realistic expectations and how to help your woman meet and even exceed them.

PART FOUR - The sex guide: How to fuck her like a porn star & dominate her body & mind 

As far as Men are concerned, sex is the cornerstone of any good relationship. If a man is sexually satisfied, things run a lot smoother. Where most Men go wrong is paying too much attention to a woman’s needs in bed while neglecting his own only to realize that her satisfaction is directly tied to his satisfaction.

Part Four will teach you why you should stop caring about a woman’s sexual needs, why you should be sexually selfish, and how to ravage her like a porn star in a way that dominates her body AND her mind.

PART FIVE – Contingency: How to avoid sabotaging your own relationship & how to get her ass back in line 

You could do everything exactly right to this point and your relationship can still go sideways…count on it. A lot of Men are quick to blame their women for misbehaving but the fact of the matter is that if a woman steps out of line on your watch, it’s your responsibility.

Part Five will discuss how most Men sabotage their relationships without knowing and what to do to prevent it. It will also teach you how to get her best each and every day and finally, it will take you step by step on what to do in the unlikely event that your woman is still misbehaving.